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This first step to cleaning a floor is to remove loose debris. Dust mops, also know as dry mops, are used to pick up any and all dry and loose particles (dust and dirt) from the surface of the floor. These mops can be made out of yarn, polyester, microfibre and modacrylic fibre.

East Point Clean Supplies has a range of professional dust mops for you to choose from.

Polyester dust mops are perfect for hard floors, and will capture any lint and dust on the floor surface.

Modacrylic fibre not only attracts lint, dust and dirt, it is also highly resilient and durable. Dust mops utilising this fibre provide an effective clean.

Microfibre dust mops are perfect on smooth and polished floors. You can use them wet or dry, and even add chemicals for a superior clean.

We have a variety of sizes and styles including metal frames, swivel heads, and scissor mops to help clean the largest of spaces.

We also stock pad refills for each of our product for your convenience.

We supply to Offices, Factories, Mechanics, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Cleaning Companies, Social Clubs and the general public