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Sometimes the toughest jobs require some special products and a strong scrub. Unfortunately, our hands are just too delicate to get the job done.

East Point Cleaning Supplies has a style of glove to suit any job that is thrown at you.

Cotton gloves are soft on hands and perfect for people with sensitive skin. They are great for all round protection and are comfortable to wear.  

Need a little extra help with your grip? The Oates Mighty Gripping Gloves utilise a rough latex rubber to help you hold on.

If you are using heavy duty chemicals, you will need to invest in chemical and acid resistant gloves. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, make sure you check the chemical listing before use.

Flock lined gloves are great for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and their pure cotton flock lining provides an extra touch of comfort and ease of use.

We also have a great selection of latex-free gloves (with powder and without) to choose from.

We supply to Offices, Factories, Mechanics, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Cleaning Companies, Social Clubs and the general public