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No need for chemicals or cleaning products! The cleaning industry is ready for a revolution. MagicSponge cleans smooth surfaces with only the assistance of water. The sponge itself has no chemicals inside it, although it still provides a thorough clean.

You can use MagicSponge on any surface with a smooth finish, this includes laminex, glass, wood, metal, rubber and even painted surfaces.

Simply cut your MagicSponge into size, completely soak it in water, squeeze out any excess and start to clean. For the best results, never add any chemicals to your MagicSponge - it doesn't need them!

MagicSponge only requires a small amount of pressure to be applied when cleaning dirty surfaces. This will ensure that your MagicSponge has a long life. However, if you have any stubborn stains or graffiti, simply use a more pressure until the stain is removed. During the cleaning process, make sure you frequently rinse your MagicSponge with water. This will remove any dirt or grime that the MagicSponge has trapped. Once you have finished cleaning, simply squeeze your MagicSponge dry and store it until you need it again. You can reuse this product until it completely diminishes.

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