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When completing any job, a cleaners safety should always be their number one priority. East Point Cleaning Supplies stocks everything a cleaner needs to protect themselves and the people around them.

We have a wide range of Cougar safety boots, including lace ups and slide ons. Most come with a shock absorbing footbed and are acid and oil resistant.

Our ears are something that we tend to forget to protect, but could be harming everyday. Our range of earplugs and earmuffs can help you make sure your hearing stays in perfect shape.

You can also keep your eye sight 20/20 with our range of safety glasses. Do you already wear glasses? Don’t stress. We stock eye protection that will fit over your current prescription classes.

Make sure you keep everyone safe with your own safety signs. Whether you have closed a bathroom for cleaning or you have just recently mopped the floor, keep yourself covered with our A frame signs.

If you need to section off a larger area, check out our barrier tape and make sure you keep people out of hazardous areas.

We also stock coveralls, high-vis vests, masks and much more!

We supply to Offices, Factories, Mechanics, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Cleaning Companies, Social Clubs and the general public