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Simple Green has been making environmental products for over 30 years - well before these products started to be mandated by law. They started with a passion to create a safe alternative to cleaning products with toxic chemicals. After just three years, the Simple Green team was able to create a non-toxic product that was biodegradable, non-flammable and non abrasive.

Simple Green was a success, and the team started to sell the product in 55-gallon drums to the automotive industry to help them clean their equipment and floors.

Today, Simple green’s environmentally friendly design is in households across the world. They have spent over 3 million dollars to prove that their product claims are true. Safe for the environment and users, Simple Green is being used to replace toxic cleaners used in domestic and commercial cleaning.

East Point Cleaning Supplies has a range of Simple Green cleaning products. If you need to clean and polish steel, get stains out of carpets, clean glass, make your BBQ shine, or get your hands clean after a hard days work, Simple Greens environmentally aware products are just what you need.

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